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(CNQM)'s and the (CPMDQ)'s mission is to ensure the high quality of naturopathic medical education in Canada by a four-year, graduate-level programs in naturopathic medicine. Students and graduates of programs accredited or pre-accredited (candidacy) by NMCC are eligible to apply for the naturopathic licensing examinations. We are a non-profit organization completely supported by you, the public. We pride ourselves on being run and owned by the community. This means that we need you to be a part of that community. We encourage every member of the public to contribute to the community in any way that they can. For those of you who can, support Naturopathic Medical Education in Canada through a monetary contribution in whatever denomination you'd like. Every little bit counts. A receipt will be dispatched to you automatically by our non-profit institution as a member of the Foundation CPMDQ. All the contributions of the members are deductible from taxes by way of Trade Union dues. We thank you for your support which makes it possible for us to continu our work.

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